Sunday, June 30, 2013

Haiku podcast for kids - healthy eating haiku

Haiku Podcast For Kids

Healthy Eating

Outside in the sun
exercising oh so much
burn off calories

Colours in your food
create the healthy diet
as you make your choice

Let us hear your voice
stay healthy and in shape
also don't get teased

Food is your own choice
to make and to consider
try to make the right

Or else you might pay
the consequences needed
when you make the false
by Maike

Haiku poems - Haiku podcast for kids
Today on Haiku for kids I post the first Haiku podcast read by my sister. I hope you like it. :-). Maike wrote a very long Haiku poem with several verses, normally a Haiku is just three phrases. Check out f ex Modern Haiku Poetry or Haiku Heights.... it's a Haiku poem about food and healthy eating. Healthy eating is very important but in many schools the food choices are not very great, if you have the possiblility to pick a fruit, then you are lucky.
Why is it important to eat healthy for kids?
It is important to eat healthy because you give your body the power to perform in school and in your free time. You are making sure that your body gets what it needs and it is important because it will make you live longer.
Almost everyone likes pizza and fastfood, chips, popcorn and a coke, but it is good to know the better things you eat the more your body will work with you and not against you. Eating the right food promotes good habits and it is much easier to stay away from too much unhealthy junk food. Make it plain and simple healthy eating stops you from being overweight and underweight.
Do not exaggerate
Do not exaggerate too healthy or too unhealthy inbetween is good! Have an apple and yogurt for breakfast everyday - a study by the Children's Nutrition Research Center suggests that a lack of calcium can result in low bone strength. Weak bone strength and low levels of calcium can lead to osteoporosis in later years when you are old.

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